Amprii - Unique and Beautiful jewellery.

When an obsession turns in to a way of life, a passion is born. A passion to share our own personal dreams with everyone around us. We bring to you Amprii-the dream passion and obsession of Simran.

Amprii is not just another collection, but one which sets itself apart by what it stands for. Amprii is in a class of its own, every diamond ruby emerald or sapphire is carefully chosen and set in its most perfect and desirable setting by its multi-faceted multi-talented designer Simran.

The moment you set your eyes on each and every piece that has been crafted its sets your dreams free. Made with much love and care by its designer being involved in each step from its design to its final form Amprii pieces are one in a million, is it a wonder then that they set you apart from the crowd?

Amprii is class, form and movement all rolled into a blinding piece of perfection. We cater to those who understand perfection and are willing to want to make it a part of their lives as well. So come and be a part of this passion which is Amprii.


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